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Designers we love: Lorie X

Designers we love: Lorie X

Her bridal dresses are stunning; that’s the first word that comes to mind when viewing her printed creations. Printed! Who would have thought that a bride can wear a printed dress? Well, Laura Hall did and so she began her label called Lorie X. Naturally, we were very curious to learn more about her collections.

Q: I love how all of your wedding gowns are unusual, as I rarely see brides who dare to wear something that isn’t pure white. How did Lorie X start?

A: Lorie X started as my graduate collection a few years ago, as I believed there was a need in the bridal market for something alternative. My idea was to create feminine and romantic dresses that still used traditional references, but had a modern twist and more colours. During the period of my studies, the typical ‘alternative bridal’ concept included 50s tea dresses or vintage-looking ones, so I wanted to offer something different than that. My first collection launched with a brand new website in October 2014 and since then I have been working with brides to create designs unique to them.

Q: How personalised can the prints on your dresses be?

A: They can be completely personal. Brides can seek inspiration from the standard range or they can even suggest their own designs and ideas. I can work with photographic imagery or hand draw the ideas; it really depends on the occasion.

Q: Are there any particular bridal trends you’ve spotted as a designer?

A: I definitely believe that brides are becoming a bit braver, by incorporating colours in more quirky ways than usual! In fact, I worked on a bespoke printed veil earlier this year and I absolutely loved the result. This is definitely an interesting way to add an unusual detail to your wedding look.

Q: If you were a bride-to-be, which one of your designs would you choose?

A: The Tatiana Dress is my favourite one!

Q: How long does a dress need in order to be completed?

A: The process starts with a complimentary design consultation, followed by inspiration research. Once the research is completed, the designs are being developed, which is a process that can be done either in person or via email. Usually, the customer does three or four fittings before the dress comes to life and the brides are a true part of the designing process. Ideally, a bride should get in touch with my team at least six months before her wedding day! 

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