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Designers we love: Madame Shoushou

Designers we love: Madame Shoushou

You know how most girls have dreamt about their wedding dress since they were kids? Well, mine really looks like a Madame Shoushou one. It has romantic details all over yet is not too cheesy; it's princessy but doesn't have too much lace or a long train. In other words, I dream of a balanced design, inspired by fairies but designed for the modern woman.

Elina Kordali, the brand's founder and head designer, started Madame Shoushou a few years ago by designing cute clothes and even cuter swimwear (a line that quickly made the brand very successful on social media) and it was only natural to shift towards bridalwear - the public's demand must have been too high to ignore! As a talented Greek designer, she had to be featured on The Veil so here's our quick chat with her:

Q: What is the Madame Shoushou approach to the bridal gown? In other words, what makes the brand so special?

A: It’s all about being true to yourself on the most perfect day of your life! Madame Shoushou is special for keeping romance alive, in a unique way for each and every bride.

Q: What are your favourite fabrics to work with?

A: We love combining different fabrics. We prefer soft ones that embrace the skin and make our Shoushou brides feel comfortable and carefree; you can never go wrong when mixing high quality lace with silk tulle and silk mousseline. Most importantly, though, you will love wearing this dress, you can dance in it, spin around in it, walk in it and feel gorgeous and unique, without worrying about anything!

Q: Are your dresses bespoke or do you also offer ‘standard’ designs?

A: There are a few designs that are presented to our brides, in order to give them an idea of what a wedding dress means to us. Every wedding dress is different though, as we always mix the bride’s personal taste with the Madame Shoushou aesthetic.

Q: Do you operate in Greece exclusively or can brides from another part of the world reach you, too?

A: We mainly operate in Greece as we believe in creating personal relationships with our brides. We want to stand by them, advise them and give solutions for everything they need to know. However, we do have brides from all around the world and it’s always a pleasant surprise to receive emails from ladies who want to wear a wedding dress they haven’t even tried on. This specific process is different though, as they may be in Greece for just one fitting or for no fitting at all.
Q: How long does a dress need to be ready? In other words, when should the bride get in touch with you?

A: We usually need two to five months for the entire process, depending on the period of year and the wedding date. For brides that cannot visit us, we discuss about their ideal wedding dress, what features they would like to add and all the required details. After that, we usually send them a form to fill in their dimensions and we tailor the dress according to those. Ideally, they come to visit us for just one fitting. If not, we send them their dress once it is ready! More and more brides from all across the world get in touch with us and we couldn’t be happier about this!

Q: Is there any specific design that is very successful?

A: Since every design is unique, we truly believe  each one of our dresses is successful. Most important to us is bringing the definition of each bride's "happily ever after" into life! We think that a bride should be herself, wear something that's not too much or too different from her personality, something that will make the groom's jaw drop the moment he sees her.

You can reach Madame Shoushou here.

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