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Chatting with the experts: Wild Rose Hair

Chatting with the experts: Wild Rose Hair

Is 'Chatting With The Experts' our favourite type of articles? Yes it is. We can't help but love taking advice from people who've helped dozens of brides choose what is best for them - especially during the stressful pre-wedding period, where the inevitable access to too much information can cause chaos. Today we chatted with Candra from Wild Rose Hair and we hope you'll find our interview as inspiring as we did:

Q: What is your favourite bridal hairstyle?

A: My favourite bridal hairstyles are the ones that look relaxed, romantic and not too 'done'. I love incorporating braids into my hairstyles, thus giving a bit of a bohemian feel to the style. I like natural textures and plenty of softness around the face, so hair up will always look effortlessly beautiful and never forced into place. My ultimate favourite is a messy looking fishtail braid or a relaxed, untamed bun – or even better a style incorporating both!

Q: Are there any specific hairstyle trends you've noticed coming from your clients?

A: Because of the hair I like creating, I am very lucky in that I attract the type of bride who is looking for an non-traditional bridal look. So I do get to do a lot of styles that I personally love! A real trend I have noticed and been asked for a lot is the low, messy, unstructured bun - usually with a braid coming one or both sides into the bun. This style should be worn very low, touching the base of the neck.

Q: Where are you based?

A: I am based in Weybridge in Surrey, which of course means I am popular with brides getting married in stunning venues dotted around beautiful Surrey. I am happy to travel though, and love visiting places all over the UK. I would also be happy to travel to a destination wedding; this year I am lucky to be asked to go out to Marbella in Spain.

Q: Are there any mistakes young brides might make?

A: The only mistake I would say to be wary of is losing sight of what you and your partner want for your big day and trying to please others too much. The best weddings I have been to are the ones that reflect the couple – you want your guests to say “that is so such and such ..and such and such” (your names!) and have a wedding that suits you and your style as a couple. So try to stay true to your reasons for doing things a certain way and try not to swayed another!

Q: What makes a bridal style perfect?

A: What makes a bridal style perfect is being “imperfect!” I am not a fan of perfect hair! You won't really find my styles are sprayed into place so that they do not move - for me, perfect the most perfect bridal styles are soft and elegant, romantic and relaxed. Hair should fall naturally throughout your day and reflect you. You want to feel like the best version of yourself on your wedding day, yet still yourself!

Q: What are your favourite accessories to work with?

A: My favourite accessories to use are my flower crowns! I make my own handmade, bespoke flower crowns to work with your chosen bridal hair style and to match your colour scheme or styling for your wedding - my favourite are the ones incorporating roses, eucalyptus, hydrangea petals and delphiniums.

Visit the brand here and book your appointment!

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